The International College of Person-centered Medicine is a non-for-profit educational, research, and advocacy organization emerging from the Geneva Conferences on Person-centered Medicine since 2008 to date aimed at promoting the articulation of science and humanism in medicine and health care and refocusing these on the whole person.

Person-centered medicine is dedicated to the promotion of health as a state of physical, mental, socio-cultural and spiritual wellbeing as well as to the reduction of disease, and founded on mutual respect for the dignity and responsibility of each individual person.

ICPCM Newsletter May 2017

Professor Wim van Lerberghe: Winner of the Paul Tournier Prize 2017

The International College is celebrating the memory of a leading pioneer of person centered medicine, Dr Paul Tournier (1898-1986), through the establishment of a Prize and Lecture with the cooperation of the Paul Tournier Association.

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From the International Journal of Person Centered Medicine

Vol 6, No. 4 Editorial Introduction

Conceptualization and Metrics in Person Centered Medicine

Juan E. Mezzich MD MA MSc PhD, James Appleyard MA MD, Michel Botbol MD, Ihsan M. Salloum MD MPH and Levent Kirisci PhD

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