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01 July 2014

An introduction to Person Centered Medicine

Prof. James Appleyard

02 October 2014

Transformative Education of Health Professionals for Person-Centered Care

Dr. Tesfamicael Ghebrehiwet

03 December 2014

The Heart and Art of Medicine

Prof. James Appleyard

04 February 2015

Patient Rights to Actively Participate in Health Care

Ms. Joanna Groves

05 July 2015

Accounting for Patients' Preferences in Studying Treatment Effectiveness: A Call for More Person-centered Health Care Research

Prof. Sandra van Dulmen

06 November 2015

Integrating Subjectivity and Narratives in Primary Care

Prof. Michel Botbol

07 February 2016

Slow Medicine at a Person Centered Pace

Prof. Sandra van Dulmen

08 March 2016

Person Centered Integrated Action on Avoidable Inequity in Health

Prof. James Appleyard

09 June 2016

Celebrating Success

Prof. James Appleyard

10 July 2016

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Relevance to Person-centered Health Care

Dr. Tesfamicael Ghebrehiwet

11 August 2016

Progress Towards a Global Movement for Person-Centered Medicine: Building on the 9th Geneva Conference on Person-Centered Medicine

Ms. Joanna Groves

12 September 2016

Shared Decision-making; Fiction or Reality?

Prof. Sandra van Dulmen

13 October 2016

WMA's Perspectives on Ethics and Person Centered Medicine

Prof. Jon Snaedal

14 November 2016

The Person at the Center of Medicine

Prof. James Appleyard

15 February 2017

Person-centered Mental Health Promotion: Ten Years of the ICPCM Contribution

Prof. George N. Christodoulou

16 March 2017

Education of Health Professionals for Person-Centered Care

Dr. Tesfamicael Ghebrehiwet

17 May 2017

Professor Wim van Lerberghe: Winner of the Paul Tournier Prize 2017

Prof. James Appleyard

18 October 2017

Research on Person-centered Medicine and Health Care

Prof. Ihsan M Salloum

19 January 2018

Person Centered Medicine: The First Ten Years and the Way Forward

Prof. Jon Snaedal

20 February 2018

Person-centered Integrative Diagnosis (PID), Subjectivity, and Big Data

Prof. Michel Botbol

21 March 2018

Multimorbidity: Early intervention and the need for a Person-centered Integrated Approach

Helen L Millar, MRCPsych

22 May 2018

Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

Dr. Tesfamicael Ghebrehiwet, MPH, PhD

23 August 2018

Person Centered Medicine, Truly an International Movement

Prof. Jon Snaedal

24 October 2018

Measuring Person-centeredness in Health Care: The Person-Centred Care Index

Prof. Ihsan M Salloum

25 March 2019

Overcoming Burn-out and Improving Health Care

Prof. James Appleyard

26 April 2019

Well-being and Burn-out

Prof. Jon Snaeda

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